AFA Women’s Network

AFA is an expansive and diverse professional women’s network dedicated to the engagement of women, and committed to their professional and personal growth through cooperation, knowledge and experience exchange. Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate professionals from various industries and in different stages of their careers: groundbreakers, thought leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, board members, and visionaries but also, alumnae and students. Some are at the top of their fields, and others are on their way, but they all share one common belief: that investing in themselves and in other women is good business and that networking has been considered the number one unwritten rule of success. 
Joining AFA Women’s Network is enabling you to connect and broaden your influence by opening new possibilities.  
All women are welcome! No membership fees, just fill in the questionnaire and choose the level of your involvement – whether you would like just to receive information or initiate or actively participate in projects…All options are open!

AFA association

AFA Association is committed to creating the platform for women’s networking and their active involvement in projects that will shape better future for all of us, as well as for the society in general.  We strive to bring the change by investing in women, who are still an under-tapped resource in the business, government and administration, and in the leading positions in general. We are working with companies, organizations, institutions and investors to make the network available for all women, but also to help them see the opportunity in investing in women, and being an active and positive part of that change. We believe that companies and the economy perform better when they fully engage women.  
AFA Association membership is bringing you full potential of women’s association, with the broadest possibilities to influence and actively participate in our programs and creating the platform.
Join us!