Publication of a Serbian edition of a books “Mom Test” and “Zero to One” was a cause for “Entrepreneurs Education” panel that was organized by ICT Hub and MVP Workshop. Participants in the discussion tried to answer the following questions: What is customer creation? How to address potential clients? How much brainstorm is important in the process of product development? How the process of company building should look like? How to be innovative?

These topics were covered in the translated books as well. Publishing house “Laguna” with the support and expertise from the MVP Workshop made this guide for entering the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups available to the citizens in Serbia.

“Mom Test” is handbook for young businessman written by Rob Fitzpatrick, in which author is providing advices to entrepreneurs on how to ask the right questions in the process of validating the business idea.

“Zero to One” is an optimistic perspective on a future of progress in the USA and a new way of thinking regarding the Innovation in business. From the very beginning the book is encouraging you to look for the solutions in the least common places.

These books have already made a great influence on the new generation of the entrepreneurs, perks of its translation onto Serbian, was explained by Ivan Bjelajac from the MVP Workshop: “These books are a great way to learn from the successes and failures of other people. I’ve always considered important to promote reading among the young entrepreneurs, because the information’s are more available today, then they’ve ever been. And these translations are a great way to lure interested people towards accurate material”

In the accordance to our policies, of supporting young entrepreneurs and start-up founders, in order to shape better future for all of us, based on equality, knowledge, education, work ethic and personal responsibility.

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