A Blockchain Unbound conference was held In San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, from 14th until 16th of March. Among the 500 representatives from various companies and organizations from all over the world were the members of AFA Association, which is a huge privilege considering that more than 600 interested participants were left on a waiting list.

The Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico recognized the potential in supporting the projects that are based on blockchains and crypto technologies, and by introducing tax exemptions they were able to attract the new generation of innovators with vision. Blockchains Unbound conference gathered entrepreneurs and investors with an interest for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO verticals. Among the presented items, there were: market strategies, new blockchains and crypto technologies, legal and regulatory issues and the examples from the countries that already solved these issues.

“Aside from Hi-Tech companies from this area, we’ve had an opportunity to see innovative corporative leaders from the industries of pharmacy and medicine, that are already implementing blockchain technologies in their businesses, as well as lawyer offices that are supporting purchases and payments with cryptocurrencies”, our member Milica Đurić- Jovičić, Director of Innovation Center of School of Electrical Engineering said about her first impressions.

„This bold and innovative project, in Puerto Rico, that is still recovering from the aftermaths of hurricanes Maria and Irma, resulted in increasing of the number of the new generation millionaires whose areas of expertise are blockchains technologies and who are willing to move their facilities to Puerto Rico. New citizens are relieved from the taxes and with their business and lifestyle they are contributing to the economy of the country, by employing not only programmers and engineers from the Puerto Rico, but citizens from the other areas of expertise as well. “, was said by Žaklina Kušić.

All profits from the conference were donated to a select group of local charities that are helping the Puerto Rican people. Conference participants were invited to spend a day working with local non-profit organizations and to visit the hardest hit areas of Puerto Rico and deliver aid to those who need it most.

Blockchain technologies are becoming more and more common in Serbia, and the number of the companies that are implementing them is constantly growing. Blockchain will be one of the topics on the Innovation Week that will be organized by AFA Association and partners during the last week of May.

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