AFA Association on the presentation of Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2018- 2021

Dorćol Platz was the place where presentation of Swiss Cooperation Strategy with Serbia 2018- 2021 took place. Representatives of Swiss Cooperation Office presented the three- year strategy for active collaboration between the two countries towards solving the important social issues. Among the guests of this event there were the representatives of AFA Association.


Switzerland and Serbia have been long-standing partners since 1991, making Switzerland one of the most important billateral donors. Serbia is high on the list of Switzerland priorities and this strategy proves just that, since the total budget for the cooperation is about 105 millions CHF.


Representatives of cooperation office have stated that they want to build on Switzerland’s long term presence in the country and earlier accomplishments, strategies overall goal is to contribute to efficient and effective democratic institutions and processes as well as inclusive and sustainable growth by supporting Serbia’s reforms and path to European integration for the benefit of all citizens.


Highlighted as the most important issues that planed budget will be spent on are: Reducing the corruption inside government institutions; Narrowing the gap between urban and rural part of the country; Reducing the poverty and unemployment; Keeping young talents in the country; As well as advocating equality in the work place, since Serbia is 70th among the 144 countries according to “WEF Global Gender Gap Index” for 2016.


Switzerland’s cooperation is guided by the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation aiming to secure ownership for the joint endeavors among the national partners to achieve a well-coordinated and efficient cooperation with other donor agencies. The whole strategy is available in PDF.

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