Once again, the future comes from Seattle, birthplace of Bill Gates and city who’s most notable building is Space Needle. Amazon publicly opened the store of the future. They provided customers with opportunity to shop without using cash and credit cards, or waiting in line. The concept is what Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon, calls “Just Walk Out.”

Basically, you download an app, allow your every move to be tracked and analyzed in real time, pick up whatever you want from the inventory, and walk right out the door without anyone stopping you. The store uses artificial intelligence and hundreds of cameras to track every person who steps inside. Then they track what items you pick, and charges you for them. Put something back, and it’s removed from your bill. The most appealing part of this innovation is the fact that there is no checkout, no registers, no line, no swiping your card or coming up with change. You literally just walk out of the store with whatever you want. Minutes later, you get a receipt. If there’s a mistake, Amazon says you can fix it easily.

Implementation of Amazon invention by huge retail chains can lead to disturbance in economy. First of all, the gap between small convenience store owners and big corporations will widen even more. And of course, there will be less available job positions for workers with no high education. As another argument for the advocates of Orwell’s dystopian vision is the that shopping at Amazon Go feels less like going to a store and more like just raiding your own pantry. That means people potentially pay less attention to the cost of what they’re buying- and make more impulse purchases.

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