Bel Medic, first private hospital in Serbia, for more than 23 years combines highest medical standards with the business excellence, under the leadership of doctor Jasmina Knežević. Opening of a new polyclinic in Gračanica gave us a cause to talk to her about the expansion of the business onto Southern Serbian Province, as well as about future plans.

What inspired you to open a polyclinic in Gračanica?

One of the main reasons was more accessible health care. Instead of driving for a couple of hours only to consalt with the docotrs, we brought doctors closer to people. And if there is a need for their expertise, patients can find them in Bel Medic facilities. Also, we estimated that by making ourselves available on a new market, we will be able to atract patients to find proper health care in our country instead of going to F. Y. R. of Macedonia or Turkey. Of course, we wanted to participate in the creation od the better business environment for our fellowcountrymen in Kosovo.

Can you share the plans you have for the future development of your business?

2017. was a good year for us. We achieved the growth of around 20%, we increased the number of our employees, opened maternity hospital… One of our main goals is surgery, we invest a lot into it, and we give our best to keep it on a highest level possible. We are improving the conditions in our facilities on a daily basis, especially in the fields of intensive care, anesthesiology, and urgent care, that is available 24/7 for both, children and adults. We positioned ourselves as a first class diagnostic center, where you can do all kinds of analysis on a short notice. We do plan to open a few new centers, one of them is the one for sleeping disorders and epilepsy. Then, center for menopause, headaches and many others. We are constatly developing conditions of hospital treatment. We want to provide our patients with the best care possible. We want to hear and meet their needs.

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