Seize the Spring

Source: Wallpaper

Usually, springtime opens the season of bicycles. City streets are filled with people who are using them as the main mean of transportation. Advantages are clear, bicycles are environment friendly, they increase our health and fitness. Western European countries have taken up on these advantages and bicycles have become the most popular mean of transportation even in the biggest cities. Belgrade is lacking behind on these standards but it is constantly catching up.

Wallpaper magazine created a list that consists of the newest and most popular articles that will turn every bike into modern one.

‘Laminar Bike’ collection, by Herno

The new six-piece ‘Laminar Bike’ collection, by Herno, demonstrates the Italian luxury outerwear brand’s rigorous attention to ergonomic design. The collection includes a raincoat, parka and vest, which are all made using Gore fabrics, and are water- and wind-resistant, and breathable. Garments come with thermo-taping, foldable gloves, adjustable hoods, smart pockets, and road-friendly reflective details.

‘Lochness’​​ lock,  by Francesco Poselli, for Palomar

Chunky chains are a thing of the past thanks to this pliable bike lock in metal and silicone, which wraps effortlessly around any bike rack or post.

‘Neos’​​ bike butler, by Vadolibero

With an elliptical form and high-gloss finish, this freestanding ‘cyclist’s assistant’ combines a bike rack with compartments for a helmet, cycling apparel and accessories.

Helmet,  by Closca

This collapsible helmet comes with an interchangeable visor and cleverly concealed air vents. An NFC chip at the top can connect to a smartphone for emergency calls.

‘Nello’ bike bell, by Odo Fioravanti, for Palomar

A rubber bell that offers a choice of three sounds, this has a magnetic base and separate rubber supports, so it can be easily detached when not in use.

‘Beeline’,  by Beeline with Map Project Office

This handlebar-mounted device, which connects to a smartphone, displays the direction and distance to the user’s destination, without prescribing a specific route.

Povezane vesti

(SR) KAKO SMANJITI JAZ IZMEĐU POLOVA Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian.
(SR) PIRATE ART – OD POTREBE DO NAGRADE ZA NAJBOLJU STARTUP IDEJU Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian.
(SR) UZ ZVUKE LASERSKE HARFE NAJAVLJENA NEDELJA INOVACIJA Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian.
(SR) ŽENE NE KORISTE SVE POTENCIJALE LINKEDIN-A Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian.