On 23rd of January, AFA association held business lunch with Minister of finance, Dušan Vujović. More than 70 participants in gathering acquired the firsthand information about anticipated changes in the world of economics.

In his opening statement, Minister introduced us to the economic currents and government plans for 2018. While explaining structural changes, Minister Vujović acknowledge that there are nine different divisions with eighteen subdivisions needed to carry on the reforms. Fourteen of those eighteen, revolve around gender budgeting.
Minister stated that we need to focus on fields that will have high growth rate in the future and to support novelties in the digital economy.

The path that Serbia is on was characterized as positive and sustainable in every sense. „Serbia concluded the 2017. with the surplus of 1,0 % of the GNI, and our plan for this year is to achieve surplus of 0,7%. Our surplus is for times lesser then Maastricht, while all other countries in Europe struggle to meet it.“ Minister explained.

On AFA Association and AFA Women’s Network gathering Minister announced significant investments in infrastructure. From the economic reform program he separated the reform of Tax Administration and change in the way that public finances are managed.

Alongside with Minister, participants were addressed by mister Periša Ivanović, assistant to managing board of AIK Bank. He explained how changes in the economic politics of a country affect the operations of a successful bank. “AIK Bank seeks to explore all of the client’s needs and to establish appropriate communication with business environment, in order to keep client informed on constant updates in economical and financial politics in Serbia.”

First business lunch of AFA Association was attended by representatives of numerous domestic and international companies, such as: Telenor, IKEA, Coca Cola HBC, Bel Medic, Farmalogist, Asecco, Q Free, Aura, Atlantic Group, Mirabank, Jubmes Bank and the members of Association of Business Women in Serbia. This is the first of many events planed for this year. Our goal for these gatherings is to encourage cross- sector collaboration and to initiate discussion about topics that are important for the development of economy and society. We want to create joint effort in order to solve crucial problems in our country.


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