Science Technology Park Belgrade – Where Future Happens

As a part of preparations for the Innovation Week, in the weeks to come we will present to you organizations, institutions, companies that will be our partners for this conference, first of a kind in Serbia that will connect science and technology.

Given the fact that our friends from Science Technology Park in Belgrade have held an opening ceremony of their new innovation laboratory, we will use this opportunity to present to you the institution on whose premises the part of the conference will be held.

Science Technology Park Belgrade was established in partnership of the Government of RS (on behalf of the Government, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade in June 2015 in order to accelerate the technological development of the country by creating a favorable environment for transfer of knowledge, development new technologies, commercialization of innovations, networking and stimulating the growth of knowledge-based economy through linking the economy and science. The establishment and development of the Science Technology Park Belgrade was supported by the Government of Switzerland (Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs – SECO) through a three-year project: “Science Technology Park Belgrade – New Export Instrument of Serbia” aimed at improving the export of high-tech and innovative products and services from Serbia.

STP Belgrade is intended for:

• Domestic and foreign rising technology and development companies (SMEs and development departments of large companies)

• Startup and spin off companies (through the Business-Technology Incubator program – BITF)

Priority areas for membership, based on the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of Serbia are: IC technologies, biomedicine, new materials and nanotechnologies, energy and energy efficiency, agriculture and food.

In just one year of existence, the Science Technology Park Belgrade operates 60 high-tech companies and teams (37 startup companies and teams and 23 growing companies, out of which 10 are development centers of foreign companies), which employ more than 500 young engineers.

The complex of Science Technology park Belgrade is located in the inspiring environment of Zvezdara forest and covers an area of 16,446 m2. STP Belgrade offers to technology-developing companies a package of infrastructural and professional services that stimulate their rapid growth and development. By a series of activities, STP Belgrade provide to companies easier access to students, researchers, laboratory equipment at the University of Belgrade, business consulting in different areas, access to finance funds by organizing meetings with potential investors and encouraging networking and internationalization through the organization of B2B and B2G meetings with potential partners at national and international level.

Povezane vesti

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