As a part of regional initiative “Women of the Balkans for New Politics” Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence with the help of Embassy of Switzerland held the round table about the employability of young women in Serbia.

AFA Women’s Network was represented by Svetlana Tešić, Regional Diplomatic Sales Expert in Telenor. Jointly with the other business experts, politicians and youth activists she discussed the obstacles in the process of hiring younger people, especially younger women. Conclusions that they reached are worrying, but final impression is that, if you use our resources in the right way, we can hope for better.

From the long list of problems and obstacles we will highlight:
Zone of grey economy – 250.000 of Serbian citizens are in it.
19,7% of the youth remain in the “not in the education, employment, or training” category.
Gender inequality.

Little or no convergence between what education is producing and the actual needs of the labour market.

Subventions that are in favour of monopolies, instead of small business.
Lack of awareness among younger population about basic economical terms such as GDP, VAT, etc.

On the other hand, it is obvious that with application of technological and social innovations; Motivation for young people to enter the entrepreneurship; Correlation with country’s own resources; Investment in IT industry; Implementation of experiences from foreign companies and By being competent on international market, we will be able improve our situation.

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