Ingeborg Ofsthus is CEO of Telenor Serbia, prrior to coming to our country, she used to hold leadership positions inside the same company for the markets of Germany, Tailand and Norway. We taught that she would be a perfect interlocutor regarding gender diversity in the IT industry.

AFA : Telenor is telecommunications company. Researches that have been conducted undoubtedly show that IT industry, in fact is the most male dominant industry. Is this the case in the Telenor as well?

Ingeborg Ofsthus: Absolutely not. Telenor Serbia is a star in Telenor Group. 56% of our employees are female while 47% percent of women hold management positions. In my top management team, male-female ratio is 50:50. I think that we can say that, when it comes to numbers, from experts to top management, we actually have a good and equal distribution between genders.

AFA: What would be your advice for the other telecomunications companies?

Ingeborg Ofsthus :It is important to focus on the value of having diversity in your teams. Diversity means that you can use the full pool of talent and also that you can have better results. The researches actually show the same. Once you know how important this is, you should think about it when recruiting. In Telenor we do not actually use quotas. We are more focused on the merit, on the job you are doing. Basically, or you are good at it, or not. This has naturally been driving us to have eqaul distribution between genders. Finally, it is also important to support maternity leaves, making sure that you have your talent coming back from it, maybe even with promotions. So, I think it all starts with having diversity in focus, then merit and, at the end, taking care of girls coming back from the maternity leave.

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