In the research from 2015. “Why diversity matters” consulting organization “McKinsey & Company” proved that economic success of the companies are directly related with involvement of the women in the work force. At the beginning of the current year they’ve published the update to that research “Delivering through diversity”. Using the data from more than 1000 companies, they’ve reached the statistics that undoubtedly show how companies with higher percentage of women involved, especially in the management positions, achieve better results.

Companies who are practicing gender equality have 21% more chances for greater economic success, than the companies with male dominance. Comparing the data from 2017 they’ve come to the conclusions that companies with women on the leadership positions, and the positions of the higher management, have 27% likelihood to outperform competition when it comes to longer-term value creation and company mission.

Aside from the obvious, statistic facts, there are number of other benefits for the companies who advocate gender equality: They are in a better position to attract talented candidates, their clients are more satisfied with the quality of the services, relations among the employees are better in such companies and decision making process is optimized. Despite everything that was mentioned, companies still hesitate to implement gender equality into their workforce.

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